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Friday, July 30, 1954

               W  L  Pct GB
Lewiston .... 18  9 .667 —
Yakima ...... 16  8 .667 ½
Salem ....... 14 10 .583 2½
Edmonton .... 12 13 .480 5
Tri-City .... 11 14 .440 6
Victoria ..... 8 11 .440 6
Vancouver .... 9 13 .409 6½
Wenatchee .... 8 18 .308 10

YAKIMA [Victoria Colonist, July 30]—Lack of consistent pitching has generally been advanced as the big reason why Victoria Tyees haven’t been doing too well in the WIL this season, but the club’s record on the road hasn’t helped.
Last night, the Tyees were at Yakima for the first game of a four-game series and their win streak was abruptly ended at three games as they took an 8-1 trouncing from the ambitious Bears.
It was the fourth straight loss to Yakima, which swept a three-game series here earlier in second-half play, and the fourth straight loss away from home in the second half.
After pounding Edmonton Eskimos 18-4 Thursday night, the Tyees could do nothing with Danny “The Lion” Rios, large-sized Mexican righthander, who held them to five hits. Three of them, successive singles by Eddie Lake, Mel Stein and Bill Prior in the seventh, deprived Rios of a shutout.
Meanwhile, Berlyn Hodges wasn’t having too much luck with the Yakima batting order. He got by well enough until the fifth, when two singles, two bases on balls and an error produced five runs. Rios counted the last Yakima runs in the sixth with a two-run homer.
Prior pitched the last two innings for the Tyees and held the Bears scoreless.
Victory boosted the Bears into a first-place tie with Lewiston Broncs. The Broncs, who edged Tri-City Braves, 7-6, are actually a half-game ahead, but the clubs are tied in percentage points.
Victoria .......... 000 000 100—1 5 2
Yakima .......... 010 052 00x—8 7 1
Hodges, Prior (7) and Martin; Rios and Albini.

SALEM—no story available
Edmonton ........ 000 001 200—3 10 1
Salem ............. 000 000 000—0  7 2
Widner and Partee; Briggs and D. Luby.

WENATCHEE, July 30—Vancouver Capilanos failed again Friday night to regain the form that brought them the first half championship as they dropped a 6-3 decision to the cellar-dwelling Wenatchee Chiefs.
However, the Chiefs had to withstand a late barrage of Capilano base hits to preserve the win.
Wenatchee pitcher Ted Shandor had pitched one-hit shutout ball until the fifth inning, while his mates were providing him with a comfortable 5-0 lead off Cap manager Bill Brenner, their winningest pitcher.
Shandor tired slightly, however, and inning-opening doubles in the sixth and seventh led to three Vancouver runs.
Brenner opened the sixth with a double and scored on K Chorlton’s sacrifice fly after being singled to third by Eddie Murphy.
Dick Greco, who returned to right field after a pitching stint in Thursday night’s game, inaugurated the seventh with a two-bagger, advanced to third on Jim Clark’s single and scored on Nick Pesut’s sacrifice fly. Clark, who had three hits, tallied on a second straight single by Murphy.
Tony Rivas led the Chiefs’ 11-hit attack with a single, a double and a triple. His double in the fourth brought in the two runs that proved to be the clincher.
Russ McCormack added a solo homer for the winners, which broke a 1-1 tie in the third.
Vancouver ........ 000 001 200—3 10 1
Wenatchee ....... 011 300 10x—6 11 0
Brenner and Pesut; Shandor and Self.

KENNEWICK [Tri-City Herald, Aug. 1]—High-jacking Al Heist, the Lewiston centerfielder, once made an error this season and as a result, Tri-City won the ballgame.
But since then, the fleet-footed outfielder has been robbing the Braves with increasing regularity, so much, in fact, that Tri-City playing manager Edo Vanni commented:
“It isn't the Lewiston pitching that beats us. It's that blankety-blank Heist.”
In the opening game of the four-game series Friday night, Heist did considerable damage with his bat when he caught one of Walt Clough's pitches and sent it out of the park for the winning and tying run and 7-6 Lewiston victory.
That hurt, but it was those balls off the boards taken by Heist that really scalped the Braves.
The first piece of robbery came when Dick Watson, Tri-City shortstop, hit the longest ball he has rapped this season, and with two runners on, only to have Heist take it backhand right up against the centerfield boards.
Ironically, it was an easy fly ball hit by Watson which was dropped by Heist in that June 2 game.
The error enabled Tri-City to score six runs alter two were away in the ninth Inning and tie the score. Tri-City then won in the tenth.
But Friday night, Heist wasn't dropping any fly balls—easy or otherwise.
He made similar running catches of fly balls hit by Gordy Brunswick in the third, Len Tran in the eighth and Bob Moniz in the ninth. Just to show he could go the other
direction, he robbed Edo Vanni of a hit when he charged in from centerfield and almost caught Vanni's short fly ball. Even in missing, it didn't matter because he had plenty of time to pick the ball up and force Jack Warren at third.
Brightest figure in the Tri-City lineup was Warren, who broke loose with a three-run homer, a single, and a double in four times up.
Pokey Al Yaylian pitched for Lewiston and after the bad first inning, and the two-run third inning, he got himself out of jams for the rest of the way in.
The lefty hurler almost won his own game at the plate. He matched Warren's homer with a three-run blast of his own in the second and drove in one run in the ninth.
He was on base when Heist homered.
Lewiston ...... 040 000 003—7  9 3
Tri-City ........ 402 000 000—6 13 1
Yaylian and Garay; Clough and Warren.

(Compiled by William J. Weiss, Official Statistician, San Mateo, Calif. Averages include games of Monday, July 26, except Wenatchee at Lewiston, July 21; Yakima at Victoria, July 23-24 (2); Edmonton at Victoria, July 26; Wenatchee at Tri-City, July 26 and Vancouver at Yakima, July 26.)
Average, Vancouver, .296; Tri-City, .293; Victoria, .289, Lewiston, .283, Edmonton, .283; Yakima, .280; Wenatchee, .279; Salem, .277.
Doubles, Tri-City, 164; Triples, Lewiston, 67; Home runs, Vancouver, 76; Stolen Bases, Salem, 110; Bases on Balls, Lewiston, 491, Strike outs, Wenatchee, 461; Runs Batted In, Vancouver, 482.
Edmonton, .969; Yakima, .968; Vancouver, .966; Salem, .965; Lewiston, .963, Victoria, .963, Tri-City, .962; Wenatchee, .960.
Errors, Tri-City, 153; Double Plays, Victoria, 100.
Percentage, Don Pries, Vic., .366; Runs, Al Heist, Lew., 92; Hits, K Chorlton, Van., 123; Total Bases, Chorlton, Van., 182; Two Base Hits, Bob Moniz, T.C., 33; Three Base Hits, Herman Lewis, Yak., 10; Home Runs, Bob Wellman, Van., 17; Sacrifice Hits, Nick Cannuli, Lew., Dain Clay, Vic., 20; Stolen Bases, K Chorlton, Van., 23; Bases on Balls, Heist, Lew., 75; Runs Batted In, Wellman, Van., 80; Strikeouts, Tom Munoz, Wen., 85.
ERA., Bill Brenner, Van., 2.27; Wins, Brenner, Van., Ted Edmunds, Yak., Jon Briggs, Sal., 14; Losses, Ted Shandor, Wen., 11; Strikeouts, Briggs, Sal., 157, Bases on Balls, Briggs, Wen., 118; Innings Pitcher, Brenner, Van., 186; Complete Games, Brenner, Van., 16; Home Runs Allowed, John Marshall, Lew., 18.

Week’s Work

[Vancouver Province, July 30, 1954]
THURSDAY—The Capilano baseball team (remember them?) are going to be home all next week … Thought I better tell you now … You may have trouble finding them among the B.E.G. [British Empire Games] results next week … If you’re wondering what they’re doing way down there in the standings, would blame a collapse in the pitcher (after Brenner and Hernandez, what?), a penchant for blowing in the last inning, and added strength among the opposition for their current woeful showing … Further on baseball, ex-Cap Rod MacKay won his first start in the strong Mandak League the other day, pitching for Brandon, and an old teammate, Frank Mascaro, drove in three runs for him as he won 4-3 … Also playing in that semi-pro setup, which pays very well, are ex-major leaguer Roy Weatherly and Ron Bowen, a first-baseman who had a trial with the Caps last year.

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