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Friday, September 3, 1954

                W  L  Pct GB
Lewiston ..... 40 25 .615 —
Yakima ....... 38 25 .603 1
Salem ........ 35 25 .583 2½
Vancouver .... 32 25 .561 4
Edmonton ..... 28 31 .475 9
Wenatchee .... 22 37 .373 15
Tri-City ..... 21 40 .344 17

VANCOUVER [Province, Sept. 4]—It’s all over but the waiting now for the Vancouver Capilanos. This morning’s rain washed out tonight’s last scheduled game of the regular WIL season against Wenatchee Chiefs, so it’s just a question now of the Caps waiting to see how Lewiston, Salem and Yakima do over the holiday weekend.
One of those three will win the second-half championship and meet the Caps, first half winners here next week, in the best-of-seven championship playoff. If Yakima or Salem wins, the series opens here Tuesday. If Lewiston wins, they start here Wednesday.
The Caps managed to split Friday in what turned out to be their last games of the season, winning 5-0 and losing 5-3.
Marv Williams, No. 1 candidate for league batting honors, jammed his knee on the last play of the game but will be ready for the playoffs. Before that, he performed nobly with four-for-four, including a triple and double.
Veteran Ken Richardson did his part, too, with four-for-four as he reached his goal of 100 runs batted in. Ken has never had less than 100 RBIs in four seasons in the league.
Another old-timer, John Cordell, pitched his best game of the year to earn his seven-inning shutout, but Boss Brenner failed in his second try for his 22nd win. Ross McCormack’s three-run home sank Bill’s ship, but he wound up with a pretty creditable 21-9 record for the year.
[WILfan notes: The Cas scored two runs in the first inning of the ppener on doubles by K. Chorlton and Bob Wellman and triple by Marv Williams ... in the night game, Eddie Murphy walked to open the Caps' first and was brought in by Williams' double. Richardson brought in Williams in both the first and seventh innings ... Brenner walked threein the fifth, more than he's given up in a game all season ... Jerry Green's sacrifice fly in the eighth brought in the last regular season at Cap Stadium in 1954.]
First Game
Wenatchee ....... 000 000 0—0 5 0
Vancouver ........ 230 010 x—0 9 0
Oubre and Self; Cordell and Duretto.
Second Game
Wenatchee ....... 000 040 010—5 8 2
Vancouver ........ 200 000 100—3 9 2
Tierney and Helmuth; Brenner and Pesut.

First Game
Tri-City ........ 300 002 0—5  9 2
Salem .......... 000 102 3—6 11 1
Flinn, Robertson (7) and Johnson; Franks, Johnson (6), Nicholas (7), Herrera (7) and D. Luby.
Second Game
Tri-City ........ 010 002 020—5 8 1
Salem .......... 000 011 000—2 5 1
Clough and Warren; Rayle, Johnson (7) and D. Luby.

Lewiston at Edmonton (2), postponed, rain.

Week’s Work

[Vancouver Province, Sept. 4, 1954]
MONDAY—It was probably sheer frustration that prompted Bill Brenner to throw open the gates on a pay-what-you-like basis for the final game of the WIL season … Bill just wants to see what Capilano Stadium looks like with a full house.
This has been a sad season for Bill, who celebrated his return to Vancouver by getting a top-notch, crowd-pleasing bal club and still hasn’t known those well-known flies … Brenner has been a victim of the weather, which washed out his best dates, the league’s unsettled condition, and possibly the new “big league” feeling in this town engendered by the B.E.G. and the B.C. Lions … Local fans, who also have hockey just one step removed from the majors, undoubtedly are ripe for Coast League baseball, and likely won’t show up at the park until IT does … meanwhile, only the fact that the team was a winner and that they have more fund than anybody—the boys had a football game in the outfield the other night before batting practice—has kept Brenner from going into something less nerve-wracking, like pitching in the Coast League.
TUESDAY—Incidentally, the Caps are not entirely green when it comes to throwing the football around … Neil Sheridan [line unreadable] … Arnie Hallgren coud probably catch on with the Lions right now if Milwaukee would let him play; Danny Holden played the game in high school; and Brenner, ‘tis said, could have played the pro grid game but for a knee injury.

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