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Friday, August 13, 1954

                W  L  Pct GB
Lewiston ..... 30 12 .714 —
Vancouver .... 22 15 .595 5½
Edmonton ..... 23 17 .575 6
Yakima ....... 22 18 .550 7
Salem ........ 19 17 .528 8
Tri-City ..... 15 26 .366 14½
Wenatchee .... 12 30 .286 18

WENNATCHEE, Aug. 13—Vancouver boss Bill Brenner milked his knuckle ball for his 18th Western International League win of the season as his Capilanos handed Wenatchee their fifth straight loss Friday, 11-3.
Brenner helped his eight-hit, six-strikeout job by hitting a double and singling in four at-bats. He walked four.
Eddie Murphy, K. Chorlton and Jim Clark knocked out three hits apiece. Murphy homered in the sixth with nobody aboard, whie Clark rapped a pair of doubles to drive in two runs.
The Caps took advantage of three errors to score four unearned runs off Ted Shandor, who went the distance and allowed 17 hits.
Neil Sheridan and Bob Wellman also doubled for Vancouver.
Jerry "Pumpsie" Green was the only batter who seemed to be able to solve Brenner, as he pumped out three singles.
Vancouver ........ 021 002 213—11 17 1
Wenatchee ....... 102 000 000— 3  8 3
Brenner and Pesut; Shandor and Self.

SALEM, story unavailable
Lewiston ....... 000 001 100—2 8 2
Salem ........... 000 020 01x—3 7 1
Yaylian and Garay; Rayle, Briggs (9) and Ogden.

KENNEWICK [Tri-City Herald, Aug. 13]—There are times, Tri-City baseball fans are inclined to believe, when 19-year-old Richard Eugene Watson, at one tine known as "Stubby" but more recently called "rook" by his teammates, needs his britches whomped.
One of those instances came Friday night when the Braves lost 3-2.
With a 2-0 lead going into the top of the third, Des Charouhas, Tri-City's former centerfielder, led off with a single. An infield hit by Don Pries moved him to second.
On the next play, Herm Lewis hit a soft ground ball to Terry Carroll at third, who pegged to Watson at second and Pries was forced. Charouhas went to third on the play.
However, Pries, the former Victoria manager, skillfully blocked Watson and ruined any double play attempt. But while Watson slowly was picking himself up off the ground, Charouhas took quick advantage of his mental lapse and stole home.
That broke the ice. Yakima added another run when Lewis scored on an error.
But before the fans could get too angry at young Watson, he had them cheering him again by scooping up ground balls all over the infield, and with a minimum loss of time and motion, throwing runners out at first.
In the remaining innings, he went deep in the hole to spear "sure hits" on four occasions and turned the blows into routine ground outs.
And had it not been for some tricky footwork on the basepaths, by Watson and Jack Warren in the second inning, Tri-City wouldn't have had one of its runs.
The two, neither of which is exceptionally fast, worked a second-and-home-double steal for that tally. The first inning run came on a single by Terry Cnrroll and a double by Vic Buccola.
Yakima scored the winning run when Len Noren singled, stole second and came home on Lon Summer's single.
The pitchers, Hal Flinn for Tri-City and Tom Lovrich for Yakima, pitched games that were equal in just about every respect except the score. Each gave up five hits, each gave up two earned runs. Flinn struck out four to Lovrich's three and walked three to Lovrich's four.
Yakima ......... 002 001 000—3 5 1
Tri-City ........ 110 000 000—2 5 1
Lovrich and Summers; Flinn and Johnson.

EDMONTON, stories unavailable
First Game
All-Stars ......... 000 001 0—1 7 1
Edmonton ....... 200 022 x—6 8 1
Martin and Holden; Kimball and Partee.
Second Game
All-Stars ......... 100 101 010— 4 13 1
Edmonton ....... 032 502 00x—12 14 2
Greco, Carter (4), Beasley (6) and Holden; Manier and Prentice.

(Including Games of Aug. 8)
Percentage, Don Pries, Vic., .363; Runs, Al Heist, Lew., 107; Hits, K Chorlton, Van., 144; Total Bases, Marv Williams, Van., 212; Two Base Hits, Bob Moniz, T.C., 35; Three Base Hits, Herman Lewis, Yak., 12; Home Runs, Greco, Van., 18; Sacrifice Hits, Dain Clay, Wen., 23; Stolen Bases, Chorlton, Van., 24; Bases on Balls, Heist, Lew., 90; Runs Batted In, Wellman, Van., 93; Strikeouts, Tom Munoz, Wen., 97.
ERA., Bill Brenner, Van., 2.33; Wins, Brenner, Van., 17; Losses, Billy Joe Waters, Wen., 12; Strikeouts, Briggs, Sal., 169, Bases on Balls, Briggs, Wen., 124; Innings Pitched, Brenner, Van., 228; Complete Games, Brenner, Van., 20; Home Runs Allowed, Bob Drilling, Vic., 19.

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