Sunday, 27 July 2008

Arnie Hallgren, Danny Holden May Be Caps

Caps Eye Local Product

[Vancouver Province, Jan. 13, 1954]
Vancouver Capilanos could have a real “local” look this summer.
The Caps had two Vancouver men, Carl Gunnarson and Rod MacKay, on their roster last season, and there’s a ossibility of two others joining the 1954 club. The duo: Danny Holden and Arnie Hallgren.
* * *
Holden, member of the well-known baseball family sired by Barney—remember Larry, Eddie and Roy?—at 28 is a veteran pro who’s spend his last seven seasons in the Class A Western League. He could be with the Caps if his current club, Lincoln, is willing—and reasonable.
Danny, an outfielder, plans to write to Lincoln, asking his bosses to deal him to Vancouver. Caps general manager Bill Brenner says he’s willing to have Holden if the price is right.
* * *
Hallgren, the King Edward high school bonus baby who’s now spent two seasons in pro ball, may be difficult to pry loose. Milwaukee Braves put out a goodly sum—estimated variously from ten to $15,000—to get Hallgren’s signature on the dotted line, and they may want to keep him in their chain where they can keep a closer watch on the young outfielder.
However, Brenner feels he can’t lose anything by asking, and says he’s going to write the Braves’ organization and get his bid in anyway.

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