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Spring Training, Saturday, April 10, 1954

Brenner Prepares to Cull

[Vancouver Province, April 10, 1954]
Vancouver Capilanos should start looking less like a bunch of fellows named Joe and more like the 1954 WIL entry by the weekend.
Several more of the potential regulars are expected to arrive in the Caps’ spring training camp at Clarkson, Wash., this weekend and Monday.
Local boy Arnie Hallgren should be along from the Milwaukee Braves’ Florida camp today or Sunday. Handyman Bob Duretto, new pitcher Tom Del Sarto and second baseman Marv Williams could all be at the Washington base by Monday.
* * *
Two lefthanded pitchers may not make it at all. Emery Petty, an old pro who was going to essay a comeback, changed his mind. And Raul Galata, Williams’ Mexican running mate, is having passport trouble and may not be able to cross the border.
Already a few of the rookies have gone. A young Vancouver boy, catcher Walter Johnson, was sent home Friday and an outfield candidate named Frank Brodie also got his walking papers.
A young pitcher, Harold King, the first 1954 Capilano signed, may not be around long, either. The young Arizona righthander was chosen to pitch for Pocatello of the Pioneer League Friday. Pocatello got three runs off him, enough to beat the Caps 3-2.
Another Vancouver player, pitcher Rod MacKay, did his part, and well, for the Caps but the runs weren’t forthcoming. General Manager Bill Brenner was pleased with the performance of MacKay, who didn’t give up a run. “He looked very good,” Brenner said.
First baseman Ellis Daughtery and veteran third sacker Ken Richardson batted in the runs for the Caps, who were scheduled to play Pocatallo again today. Sunday the Brenners cross the river to Lewiston to tackle the WIL Broncs, with localite Baz Nagle and Bob Roberts scheduled to handle the pitching.

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