Sunday, 27 July 2008

WIL Winter Meeting — Day 1

Split Season for Ball Loop
LEWISTON, Idaho, Jan. 29—Directors of the class A Western International Baseball League voted Friday to let each team keep its own home gate receipts and to continue the split season for another year.
They set Thursday April 29 as the opening date, and Sept. 7 as the closing date. The first half of the split season will end July 5.
“Inasmuch as the 1953 play-offs were the first in league history to make money for all concerned,” said Bob Brown, outgoing president, “it seemed only fair that we give the split season another try.”
The winners of each half will meet, as they did last year, in a best-of-seven series after the end of the season.
The directors approved the idea of giving each team its home gate receipts at an earlier meeting, but withheld a final decision until this meeting. Previously, the teams have split their gates, giving 40 per cent to the visiting club.
Details of the season schedule were left for a later time of the three-day meeting. Canadian representatives indicated they may try to schedule games for Sunday on a “donation” basis. Under provincial law they may not charge for Sunday games, but they can let fans in free and pass the hat.
All directors but N.C. Lacey of Calgary were present for the meeting.

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