Sunday, 27 July 2008

WIL Winter Meeting Preview

Finances Due For Airing at WIL Sessions
LEWISTON, Idaho, Jan. 26 (AP) — Whether Western International League baseball clubs should keep all home gate receipts or continue to give visitors a part of the money is a problem facing league directors here this weekend.
The novel plan was proposed during the, last WIL gathering at Victoria, B.C. It was tentatively approved, but one club withheld its vote and reserved the right to reopen discussion.
Visiting teams in past seasons have been given 40 per cent of the gross gate receipts for each game, or a minimum guarantee, whichever was greatest.
Directors of the 10-man team, class A league are scheduled to convene Friday afternoon at 2. Sessions are scheduled through Sunday evening.
The present league limit of 12 veteran players also is due for discussion.
Some clubs favor lowering the limit, thus permitting a less expensive league operation. Other clubs want a higher limit, or none at all. Baseball veterans, those with three or more years in the professional game, are usually the highest-paid members of a team.
Some clubs — Lewiston is one of them — are interested in knowing if Calgary is planning to enlarge its playing field and add more comforts for fans. “Cheap” home runs because of a small-sized playing field and customer facilities below par for a class A team are points on which other WIL members have been critical.

Western Baseball Men Are Gathering
LEWISTON, Idaho, Jan. 27 — (AP) — A proposal to let the home team keep 100 per cent of the gate receipts will be high on the agenda at the Western International Baseball League’s winter meeting here this weekend.
Directors of the 10-team class A league also are expected to discuss possible changes in player limits, and club salary limits and also to hear a financial report from Yakima and Wenatchee, two clubs with money problems last season.
A majority of directors voted at the last meeting at Victoria to give all gate receipts to the home team.
However, one director who favors continuing to split receipts with the visiting team withheld his vote and the matter is expected to be brought up again.

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