Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Stampeders—In or Out?

Meeting Fails to End Calgary’s Uncertainty
Special to the [Victoria] Colonist
[April 3, 1954]
CALGARY—Status of Calgary’s Western International Baseball Club, uncertain for the past month, remained in much the same state Friday following a series of meetings by local baseball men.
“It costs a lot of money to get started again,” said club president Bus Lacey, “and right now nobody appears anxious to help us out. We need about $40,000 right away and our prospects of getting it are none too bright.”
Lacey said playing-manager Gene Lillard was at training camp in Porterville, Calif., attempting to get things rolling with some of last year’s players.
“He needs money to carry on and as things stand at present, we haven’t got it to give him. I can’t say what’s going to happen but I can tell you the situation is none too bright.”
The air is expected to be cleared somewhat late today following an emergency meeting at Yakima in which the nine other clubs in the league will discuss the Calgary situation.
Loop president Robert Abel said in Tacoma Friday that as far as he’s concerned, the Calgary franchise will have to be forfeited.
“I don’t know what more we can do,” he said. “They need us in the league and several of the other clubs have already offered player help. If we can get things rolling at this end I don’t think we’ll have many worries about remaining in the league.”
In a report from Goleta, Calif., Friday manager Lillard was quoted as saying that training has been curtailed at Porterville,”but of course if president Bus Lacey wants to resume we can start up again.”
Reg Patterson, general-manager of Victoria Tyees, who stated Thursday he would do all he could to keep the Calgary club in the league, left Victoria Friday for the emergency meeting in Yakima.

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