Sunday, 27 July 2008

Victoria Columnist Feels Pries is a Prize

By Jim Tang

[Victoria Colonist, Feb. 11, 1954]
Nothing definite has been decided yet but Don Pries seems almost certain to become the next manager of the Victoria Tyees. And here’s a vote for the ever-trying infielder who has served the Victoria club so well for the past three seasons.
It may be a bit of a risk to hand the managerial togs to a comparative youngster who has never handled a professional ball club previously but it’s just as much a risk to go for a “name.” Just because a player spent a large part of his career in higher company doesn’t mean that he is better equipped to boss a team. There have been plenty of “name” managers in the WIL and Victoria has had one or two, who didn’t measure up to their playing ability as a mastermind.
On the other hand, Pries appears to have many of the qualities need in a manager. He knows baseball and he knows the WIL. He has always been popular with his teammates and he would set a fine example for his players with his continuous hustler and enthusiasm.
And there is another angle as well. The Tyees need a playing manager in the interests of economy and Pries as a player would be better than most available veterans and making him manager may be the only way of keeping him as a player. After all, he has had three big seasons here and no one could blame him if he wanted a change of scenery if he has to remain in baseball as a player.
Vancouver Capilanos, it’s reported, are on the trail of Cal McIrvin, the good southpaw who played such a big part in the winning of the 1952 WIL pennant for Victoria Tyees. McIrvin, sold to Spokane by Portland Beavers, played semi-pro ball last season and if the Caps managed to buy him from the Indians, would undoubtedly demand quite a salary.

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