Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Spokane Indians’ Service to Service Clubs

Gate Receipts Percentage Is Offered Clubs
SPOKANE, March 26 — The Spokane baseball club announced a plan Friday to give service clubs 10 per cent on advance tickets they sell and 40 per cent of the gate on “nights” they sponsor.
The Indians, anxious to bolster sagging attendance which dropped to an all-time low of 83,000 last year, have set a goal of 48,000 advance sale tickets for Western International League games.
Babe Curfman, the former University of Idaho football coach who is now Indians’ publicity director, said he thinks the advance sale will be the biggest in the club’s history.
About 8,000 books of advance tickets have been printed. There are six tickets in a book for $5. For every $5 book sold, the 21 cooperating service clubs keep $1.
Curfman said several groups are planning special “nights” at Ferris Field during the season. On these nights, the sponsoring club will get 40 per cent of the gate.
This 40 per cent has gone to the visiting club in the past. Under a new WIL setup, the home team will keep all the gate receipts.
The Indians set a Class B attendance record of 287,000 in 1947 but the figure has dropped steadily since.

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