Saturday, 26 July 2008

Bob Brown Back in Spokane?

Canadian Eyes Buying Part in Spokane Club
VICTORIA, Nov. 10 — Speculation that Vancouver’s Bob Brown may be interested in a share of the Spokane Indians followed the close of the Western International Baseball League’s annual meeting here Tuesday.
Roy Hotchkiss of Spokane is reported to have hinted that Brown, former general-manager of the Vancouver Capilanos and president of the league last year, may be interested in a portion of the Spokane franchise.
Hotchkiss, who earlier this year expressed a wish to be relieved of some of his duties, declined to elaborate. His only comment was “Brown may be interested, that's all.”
When asked about the report Brown said “Spokane? That's a good baseball town and that’s where I made my money to buy the Vancouver franchise.”
There is still some doubt as to the number of teams wishing to start next season. Yakima, whose future had been in doubt for some time, will open next season. Fred Mercy, owner of the franchise said that a group of Yakima business men intend to keep the franchise there.
Robert Abel, elected part-time president of the league, said “to all intents and purposes Yakima will be in.”
Wenatchee has been given until Nov. 24 to make a franchise decision. It had no delegation at the Victoria meeting.
Abel suggested that if Wenatchee drops out the possibility of a Tacoma entry would, receive consideration.
“There are sound businessmen behind the Tacoma more,” he said, “and as it is necessary to operate a 10-team league, with Wenatchee out it wouldn’t be feasible not to consider Tacoma.”

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