Thursday, 24 July 2008

Spokane Manager Walks

Spokane Pilot To Resign Job
SPOKANE, Sept. 14 (AP) — Don Osborn said Tuesday he plans to resign as manager of the Spokane Indians as soon as the current Western International League baseball playoffs are over.
“Apparently I’m not the kind of a manager the fans want,” he told the Chronicle from Salem where his Indians hold a 3-2 edge in the WIL playoff.
“I always thought a manager’s job was to win games, but apparently I’m supposed to be one of those guys who does handstands in the third base coaching box.”
There have been published complaints that the Indians, despite winning the second half, lack “color” and won’t draw fans without it.
The Spokane attendance is way down, and owner Roy Hotchkiss has said he’s about ready to give up. “I like Spokane a lot and I like the people,” Osborne said, “but I guess they don’t like me.”

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