Saturday, 26 July 2008

Soap Box Derby? Not Wenatchee

Chiefs Plan Novel Way to Pay Debt
WENATCHEE, Nov. 7—Wenatchee baseball fans are going to try to float their $7,800 tax headache down the river next Saturday in a box.
The idea they’ve come up with is an “apple box” derby which they hope will raise enough money to pay off the $7,800 in back taxes owed by the Wenatchee Chiefs of the Western International League.
A bunch of boxes will be dumped into the Columbia River next Saturday at Entiat, 18 miles north of here. The derby ticket holder with the nearest estimate of the time it takes the first apple box to float beneath the old Columbia Bridge at Wenatchee will win a 1953 ranch wagon belonging to the Chiefs.
A full report on the Chiefs’ financial woes will be made at the annual WIL meeting in Victoria next Monday.

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