Saturday, 26 July 2008

Big Cat Wanted to Prowl Spokane Dugout

Mize in line for Minor League Job
SPOKANE, Nov. 28 — The owner of the Spokane Indians said today he will offer Johnny Mize a job as manager of the Class A Western International league baseball club.
Roy Hotchkiss, who has said he is ready to get out of baseball, said he will also try to in interest Mize in buying a part or all of the team.
Mize was made a free agent by the New York Yankees yesterday.
The veteran major league first baseman has indicated he is interested in hooking on as a minor league manager.
“I believe there would be a great future for him in Spokane,” said Hotchkiss, who will leave for Atlanta Sunday to attend the National Association of Minor Leagues’ meeting. Mize will be there.
Don Osborn managed Spokane last year but has said he won’t be back. Hotchkiss has been willing to sell the Spokane club but there haven’t been any firm offers.

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