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Prodigal Manager Returns to Vancouver

Bill Brenner Will Take Over As Cap General Manager
Rainiers’ Dewey Soriano Named Club Vice-Prexy

[Vancouver Province, Sept. 26, 1953]
Bill Brenner, who would probably have been the people’s choice if the people had been asked, was today made the Capilano Baseball Club’s choice to succeed Dewey Soriano as general manager of the organization.
It was also announced by club president Tom English that Soriano, in addition to his duties as general manager of the Seattle Pacific Coast League club, will become vice-president of the Capilanos.
It is felt that relations between the parent Seattle organization and the Capilanos will be furthered by placing Soriano on the local executive-
Brenner, manager here several times in the past seasons, but more recently generaæl manager and pitcher for Lewiston in the Western International loop, will assume the same threefold duties with the Caps.
Brenner has had two highly successful seasons at Lewiston in his various roles. The club has finished high in the league, Brenner high among pitchers. It was at Lewiston that he came out with a knuckle ball that has made him one of the most effective pitchers in minor league baseball.
When with Vancouver previously Brenner had, in addition to managing, assumed the first string catching duties. Prior to that he had caught Coast League baseball with the Los Angeles Angels and, briefly, with the Chicago Cubs of the National League.
During World War Two the still comparatively youthful executive and player was an officer in the U.S. Army Air Force. In fact he saw considerable service over Germany.
Today in Seattle Brenner and Soriano were ironing out a few details and planning methods of cooperation between the Seattle Rainiers and Capilanos.
“I think the new deal augers well for Vancouver’s future in baseball,” Soriano told The Province over the long distance phone this morning. “After talking things over with Brenner I am heading for New York and the World Series.
“There I will see many of the major league executives and try to put down some pipelines that will eventually benefit both the Rainiers and the Capilanos.
“And definitely I will see, and cut up some touches with your Eric Whitehead,” he concluded.

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