Thursday, 24 July 2008

Storey And Brenner to Exchange Homes

WIL Managers May Desire To Swap Jobs
LEWISTON, Idaho, Nov. 1 — It appears the 1953 managers of the Lewiston and Vancouver Western International League baseball clubs would like to switch jobs.
Both resigned from their clubs at the end of the season.
Bill Brenner, who as player-manager steered the Broncs to a second-place finish during the second half of the WIL season, was reported earlier to be interested in the Vancouver job. A ruling by George Trautman, boss of the minor leagues, approving his severance from Lewiston Saturday paves the way for him to sign a contract.
Meanwhile, the Lewiston club announced that Harvey Storey, erstwhile manager for Vancouver, has become the eleventh to apply for the position left vacant by Brenner.
Tom Tabor, Lewiston business manager, said a decision on a manager can be expected in the next ten days.
Storey's team finished third during the second half of the season.

Harv Storey Seeks Brenner’s Old Job
LEWISTON, Nov. 1—Just a few hours after George Trautman, president of the minor leagues, had declared former Lewiston manager Bill Brenner a free agent, Harvey Storey, ex-manager of the Vancouver Capilanos, applied for the Broncs’ job.
Tom Tabor, Lewiston business manager, said a decision on a manager there can be expected in the next ten days.
Earlier the Broncs accepted Brenner’s resignation but later maintained that they still owned him as a player.
Brenner contended that when his resignation as manager was accepted his connection with the club was automatically severed also. Trautman said Brenner was right.
“He (Brenner) had signed a player-manager contract and the only way he could have been released of other position would be through unconditional release ot the signing of a new contract as a player…” wrote Trautman.
He added that under baseball law Brenner had no right to resign as either player or manager, but since he did, and since the club accepted the resignation “It is clear … the club cannot withdraw such acceptance.”
Lewiston has the right to appeal Trautman’s decision but business manager Tom Tabor said no appeal is planned.

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