Saturday, 26 July 2008

Two-Sport Star Sought By Caps

Caps’ Brenner Enters Bidding For Husky Bellingham Pitcher
[Vancouver Province, Dec. 22, 1953]
Bellingham, which has contributed John and Clarence Marshall, and various Zenders, to Vancouver baseball in the past, has another native son who could be a Capilano in 1954
General Manager Bill Brenner, back from a weekend jaunt south of the border, said today he’s trying to sign a giant of a man, six foot, six-and-one-half inch Bob Hansen, a pitcher.
Brenner’s in with some rugged competition in the scramble to sign the huge righthander, with Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox also interested in Hansen, whose baseball was confined to Bellingham Bells semi-pro team last summer.
Hansen isn’t a total stranger to Vancouver audiences. He was up here just last Friday with a Bellingham basketball team, and if he does as well at baseball as he does at basketball, he’ll do. He scored 28 points against Clover Leafs.
DIAMOND DUST – A report that Caps outfielder K Chorlton had been sold to Charleston by Dewey Soriano came as a surprise to Brenner, who said: “It’s news to me. I talked to Soirano on the weekend and the last I heard from him, Chorlton was still on our roster” … It’s rumored around Seattle that Dolph Camilli, the old major league first baseman, will turn up as Wenatchee manager … Date of the WIL’s January meeting has been definitely set … The clubs will gather at Lewiston, Jan. 29 … Brenner has lined up a c ouple of exhibition games during spring training with Tri-City Braves … the Caps will visit Kennewick April 17 and 18 … Brenner was also closeted with Eddie Taylor, the Braves’ g.m. and there could be a fairly big deal brewing come the new year … And all Brenner wants for Christmas—PLEASE—is a house he can rent in Vancouver.

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