Saturday, 26 July 2008

Bob Brown Eyes Retirement

Bob’s Ready To Rest

[Vancouver Province, Dec. 19, 1953]
Bob Brown returned home Friday from almost a month in Atlanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles and points south with just one thought in min: to get some rest.
The veteran president of the Western International League can’t officially start resting until Dec. 31, when his term as prexy of the Class A League expires.
But then he’ll “just take it easy.”
“After 53 years, I think I’ve earned it,” said a tired Bob, whose main business down south was attending the National Association convention in Atlanta. “I’ve never really had a holiday. You get about four hours sleep at those conventions.”
If “something easy” turns up in the baseball line next spring or summer, he figures he can be talked into returning to baseball. But nothing that requires all-out effort interests him.
“I had a few nibbles from some clubs,” he said, “but I’m not prepared to start building again.”
Brown had his picture taken at the convention with Win Clark, long-time secretary of the players’ organization. The two of them were the oldest baseball men on hand.
He was disappointed at not seeing his old alma mater, Notre Dame, play, but severe illness of a nephew in Chicago intervened.
His advice to southern-bound travelers: “Stick to the fried chicken. That’s all they can cook.”

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