Saturday, 26 July 2008

Yakima Bears Saved

More Than Enough for Yakima Baseball Given
YAKIMA, Dec. 2 — The "Save the Bears" campaign organized to keep professional baseball in Yakima has netted $21,380 to date and stock holders will meet Thursday night to elect directors of the club that will represent them in the Western International League next year.
Orrin E. (Babe) Hollingbery, a leader of the campaign, said the total raised is $1,380 more than needed to acquire the Bears from Frederick Mercy Jr., but the stock-selling will continue to raise at least $10,000 more to operate the club.

Try Another Season....
Yakima Businessmen Buy Bears

YAKIMA, Dec. 4 (BUP)—The Yakima Bears will field a team in the Western International Baseball League for at least one more year, a group of businessmen announced Friday.
A spokesman for the group of 16 said local baseball fans have pledged more than $24,000 in a fund-raising campaign to buy the club’s franchise and its 24 players from the present owner, Frederick Mercy, Jr. Mercy has been asked $20,000 for his ball club.
The group has nominated 14 candidates for the proposed new board of the directors for the Bears. A seven-man board is to be selected from about 350 stockholders by December 24.
The Yakima ball club has been represented at the meeting of minor league baseball officials in Atlanta, Ga., by Dewey Soriano, general manager of Seattle Rainiers.
A spokesman for the Yakima group said Soriano has contacted several ball players, including former New York Yankee Johnny Mize and ex-Boston Red Six outfielder Dom DiMaggio in search for a new Yakima manager.

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